Sunday, January 11, 2015

One Word Resolutions

When the calendar hit December 30th the only topic on the internet seemed to be resolutions.
"What are your resolutions?"
"Do you have resolutions for this year?"
I've been attempting to distinguish resolutions from goals. There are things that I intend to accomplish in 2014 that don't fit in with the traditional confines of the resolution category. My number one quest in 2015 is to lose weight. More on that later. However, the whole "resolution" of "lose weight" seemed....stupid. It's got one measurement: lose weight or not. The resolution in and of itself is also unhelpful in actually achieving the end result.

This is where the "one word" resolution comes in. Many of my Facebook friends - the multi-kid-having-share-everything-type - were choosing one word to guide their new year instead of a "resolution". After thinking about it, this actually fit perfectly into what I wanted to accomplish. One word to encompass what i want to accomplish in the next year that will guide all else. After a lot of muddling I came up with the following: Plan.

How do i accomplish the goals I have set? Lose weight, finish a 70.3, spend time with my husband, stop stressing at work, etc. It's easy - Plan Better. And not just planning, but adapting to changes in the plan. Though it sounds a bit oxymoronic, what i'm reaching for is adaptability. In 2014 I planned and I restricted and I beat myself up and when things didn't work out, I was self-destructive. Not anymore.

So that's where I am. 2015 is the year of the plan.

Step One is something I've picked up from Monican @ Run Eat Repeat - The Sunday Set up:

Last week was my first week with the Sunday Set Up and it worked beautifully! I felt a sense of power when I'd come up against obstacles. Wednesday, for instance, I went to a Basketball game with my dear friend. It definitely threw a wrench in my planning in that I had to move my workouts around and be tempted by delicious stadium food. 

So when faced with the obstacle I worked around it to fit my plan as best I could. That simple.

Here's next week's plan: 

I'll report back next week!

Do you believe in resolutions? Have you decided on one?

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