Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up & Sunday Set Up

Lets not beat around the bush here: i'm super glad this week is over.

In fact, when I woke up this morning I decided today was the start of the new week. Peace out, craptastic week.

But it wasn't a total waste.

9 Activities, 3:54:36, 2,921 Calories

Not too shabby at all! I really dedicated myself to my "training" plan this week. I worked hard to make sure I got in every workout and made each workout count

What worked: Buddy Power. I did Body Pump again this week with my friend Emily from work. I'm LOVING body pump. I always do. I don't know why I don't go but I don't. But since Emily is going too, it's a nice kick in the butt. Same with my Saturday runs. I've been running every Saturday with girls from the office and it's been a blast. There's no set distance, no pace. Just running together. It's really helped me regain a sense of FUN.

What was challenging: The bike. Little Ms. Metric/Numbers nerd doesn't like that her cadence sensor doesn't really work indoors. That means that I have no real idea how fast I'm going or what my cadence is. It drives me NUTS. But then again, so does the bike itself. It's uncomfortable, it's boring, it's....BORING. No amount of good TV is making it palatable. The fix? Spin class this week. I'm determined to make one

Clearly whatever I did last week was working because....I'm down again! In weight, that is.

Starting Weight: 187.6
Last week: 185.2 (-2.4)
This Week: 183.6 (-4)

I let myself indulge a little (too much) in sweets this week and was concerned I gained. I honestly would've been happy with a 0 for the week but here we are! Surprising too because of the timing. Of the month. Understand? ok good. This week I want to be able to look at my tracker and see at least 2 days that I didn't have a sugary/chocolate dessert. Not hard at all!

Saved the Grocery for today. Thank God For Trisha Yearwood and Taylor Swift for getting me through the melee that is Kroger on a Sunday

Here's the plan:
I made the sauce for the Sesame Noodles so all i have to do tomorrow is cook the noodles & Shrimp. Everything else is pretty easy. This week could either be breezy or hell, it's impossible to know. The stress of not knowing which is getting to me. So, that's the plan. It's subject to change of course. I may not be able to swim Tuesday, I may HAVE to wake up early to bike one day. We'll get it done.

Happy Running!

How was your week? 
How do you deal with bad days/weeks? Do you bounce back better than ever or get in a funk?

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