Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Funday & Progress

Happy MLK weekend, all!!

This 3 day weekend was exactly what I needed after the onslaught at work. 

Ellie is also happy for the long weekend.

Yesterday I went running with the girls from my office. I'm so glad we've been doing that. It's a huge motivator to get up and get out on these cold Saturday mornings. I had to hurry up and change so I could head to a Louisville Basketball game with my mom. 

We lost. Badly. But the company was nice. 

I managed to avoid the stadium food & booze. Mom snuck in a yummy sandwich from our favorite place & we split some almonds. A win for everyone!

Also, there was froyo. 

Today I had big plans of getting in some time on the trainer and a grocery run before we went to a friend's for the NFC Championship game. 

First, hubbz talked me into breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants. I was  proud of myself for choosing a healthier option: nonfat yogurt with homemade geana, honey and fruit. Yum yum. 

Unfortunately, I had a horrible "stomach" attack about an hour later. It was worse than the lay one. I was basically immobile for 3 hours while I waited for it to dissipate. By the time it eased up we were ready to head out for the game. So no bike for me today, which is frustrating. 

It's especially frustrating because what I did last week worked!

                    Beginning weight: 187.6
                    Weight as of 1/18: 185.2

That's almost 2.5lbs! It's that progress that is keeping me away from the delicious cupcakes our friends sent home with us. 

I'm using the day off to my advantage tomorrow. My friend Emily & I will hit up BodyOump at Noon. Hopefully I can squeeze in some time on the bike beforehand. Then mom will be over to help with some DIY projects. Time to keep working!

How was your week?
How do you makeup for kissed workouts?

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