Thursday, October 20, 2011

Running Away From It All

Today's Workout: Insanity® Cardio Power & Resistance (morning),  3.5 mile run (evening)

Last night, as I was packing up my lunch, I decided I was going to do something I hadn't yet been able to do this semester: get up early and workout. My schedule is such that I really don't have to be anywhere until 10:25 so you can see where it's difficult to really get up and moving at all early. So I steeled myself, set the alarm a little bit earlier than usual to give myself that precious snooze-button time, and set out all my clothes.

Well, I managed to lay in bed about 10 minutes longer than I'd planned to (oops!) but I got up and got my workout in! The Cardio Power and Resistance video is a bit ridiculous. It's a mixture of squats, jumps, and speedwork that really keeps you guessing. It also keeps your muscles from really getting any 'real' rest. Despite the fact that my HR never really got up into my 'max' zones, it felt great! I sweat my butt of AND got a chance to try out one of my new Active Bands. Win-Win.

Gave in to the polka dots - I'm 
Thursdays aren't my longest day, but there's something about Thursdays that just seem to last forever. I have class in the morning, then straight to work. The transition between school and work usually serves to remind me about just how much I have to do (and how little time I have to do it). This is the first semester I've worked and I'm quickly realizing that the 'free-time' (read: catch-up time) I used to have had a valuable purpose. By the end of the day I was feeling really deflated under the "To-Do" list.

So I hit the blogs. I read about your travels and your runs and I was inspired. Not only was I inspired, but i was jealous. I got home and added some new tracks to the Ipod (thank you Beyonce´) and hit one of my local parks. I figured I'd only run as long as the playlist last, or until it stopped feeling good.

It never stopped feeling good, so I just kept hitting play.

How was your run today? What inspires you to put on your shoes?

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