Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Fun-Day

Since giving up the real world (i.e. work world) and re-entering academics the biggest frustration has come in the absence of true "weekends". In law school world, weekends are meant for catching up and getting ahead. They're the few, precious, uninterrupted hours that allow you to work unfettered on the 50,000 things that filling up the To Do list. They are insufferably boring, absent of friends and family and generally only slightly better than work-weeks. They are not, in fact, weekends.

This weekend was different.

In the fall my Fiance and I give ourselves one 'out' from the law school universe: college football.  Our second date was a University of Louisville Football game and we've had season tickets since then. While it often adds extra stress and cuts up our much-needed work time, it's a great escape from Law school. For me, having gone to a very small Division 3 college, I'm making up for those four years of tailgating and prime-time TV games that I missed.
Defining moment of my life: me and the Cardinal Bird
This week was an extra treat because we made a trip up to Cincinnati to see UofL take on the Bearcats and meet up with some of the Fiance's family. My Soon-To-Be-Mother-In-Law came up Friday night from Tennessee and we ate our faces off, as per usual. Since I'd come straight from work I had no opportunity to work out. Having already felt pretty much like a giant stick of butter all day, I was not thrilled, but what can you do? I did, however, manage to get home and in bed fairly early and get a much needed great night's sleep. Put that in the Plus Column for the day.

Saturday was filled with soon-to-be-family, some decent football, some terrible football, and a long depressing ride back to louisville. We managed to have some fun though, and I was reminded how awesome my soon-to-be-family is.
Picture taken when we were winning (Read: the smiles went away)
After a day of ugly football, stadium food, no workouts, and BW3's, I was at a pretty decent 'low' as far as body-feelings go. I don't know what it is about missing one workout (er...2) that makes me feel so horrible. My body has been doing strange things lately (including gaining weight) and I don't think that helped.

This morning I jumped back on the horse. I got a great night's sleep, checked a lot of school-related things off the to do list and got my workout in with some smart meal choices. Sundays are also Sand Volleyball days which, in my book, ensures that they retain at least one redeeming quality.

Tomorrow starts a new week and I'm pretty excited. I bought FOUR new ActiveBands and just got done putting together my first homemade batch of oatmeal. Can't wait to eat some!

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