Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Now is the October of my discontent

It's turning into a particularly dreary night out there. Not that I can see anything outside - I live on a blissful little unoccupied corner of a very busy section of town. But I can hear the steady streaming of rain hitting the windows and the roof, and that sound in and of itself is rather dreary. But I'm warm and dry in here, and up to my eyeballs in the US Code and First Amendment and Legal Ethics. Ok so maybe it's a little dreary inside too.

I'm particularly dreary at the moment because I realized some grand, exciting plans I'd laid won't come to fruition. After making his first pit-crew/coach performance for my half marathon in Chicago J expressed some interest in running the Louisville Triple Crown in the spring. I've done the series three times now (right?) and only bowed out last year due to a defective gallbladder and the surgical correction thereof. Needless to say when J decided he wanted to join the Triple Crown club I couldn't think of a better pre-wedding activity.

Since the last vestiges of this cold had me feeling kinda 'meh' I'd decided that I might as well register for the series and have a date (well, 3) to put on the calendar for the spring. Motivational tactic at its finest. Turns out, the third and longest race - the Papa John's 10 miler - is the same day as an event that I'm in charge of. Therefore, no 10 miler for me.

Insert blind rage [ here ]

Needless to say I'm bummed. Not just for me (because it will be more expensive just to do the 5K and 10K legs without the 10 miler), but for J, whom I'd love to get the Triple Crown but likely won't do it without me. I'm sure there will be new developments, so stay tuned...

Today was a rest day and it was exactly what I'd needed. Usually I swim on Tuesdays to get the full benefit of the stretching and tension release the pool has to offer. After the Alka Seltzer cold/flu medication made it damn near impossible to focus in class, I decided to forego it. I'm confident it was the right decision.

And despite how crappy I feel, I'm itching to run.... Good sign!

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