Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

Wednesdays are possibly my favorite days of the week this semester. My earliest class isn't until 1:00pm so I have all morning to do whatever I want. This worked out perfectly when I was training for the Chicago Half Marathon since I was able to get my runs in before the ungodly heat set in. Now that I'm not training for a race, it's still proving helpful. So what am I doing now that I'm not training for a race? 

Funny you should ask!

After Chicago I felt great! No knee pain, felt healthy and really enthusiastic about running. Then I got some weird virus/infection/nastiness that really put my on my butt for a week or two. Once I was feeling better, I needed something new to get me back into the routine. Enter INSANITY® For those of you who haven't been introduced to this ridiculous fitness program through the early morning infomercials: it's similar to the popular P90X in that it uses Max Interval Training to optimize cardio cross-training. Most of the moves are things I remember from Volleyball Conditioning - they're just seriously amped up. While I was skeptical at first, a friend of mine highly recommended it (she got amazing results, she was already athletic but it still allowed her to drop weight and get some definition) so I thought "Why not?"

This isn't an endorsement for the program, or a "pitch" to go out and buy it. I needed something to infuse my workouts with a new sense of purpose and I'm too poor/busy to sign up for another Half-Marathon anytime soon, so this was what worked for me. And boy, is it working. The first workout is a fitness test where you are given one minute to complete various drills. You keep track of how many you complete and every 2 weeks you repeat the test. Today was the start of week 2, so today's workout was the fitness test. I was shocked with how much easier it felt - and how much better I did in some areas!

Week 1
Week 3
Switch Kicks
88 (w 1 break)
Power Jacks
Power knee
61 (rt leg)
Power Jumps
Globe Jumps
Suicide Jumps
Pushup Jacks
11 (bad ones)
Oblique Plank

I can't wait until the next one - those globe jumps are mine.

Post-Workout Exhaustion (too bad you can't see my awesome Active Band!)

I'm encouraged by how into the workouts I am. There's something really exciting about being able to check the workout off the calendar. I'm also excited to see just how big of an impact it will have on my fitness in terms of running. I'm going to start slowly adding runs in to get used to running again. My goal is that once the 60 day program is over I can work the Insanity® workouts into my cross-training routine. 45 more days to go!

After my workout I fixed one of my favorite no-cook lunches, yogurt with granola and fruit. Today's fruit: 1/2 of a Honeycrisp Apple. Happy belly.

This picture doesn't capture the magic yummyness

Wednesday Wish List

One aspect of my old blog I really liked was my "Wednesday Wish List". It gave me a place to put my goals and aspirations and people to hold me to them. This week's wish:
  • Short Term: no Skipping a workout this week
  • Long Term: Find a new race to sign up for in December/January
What are your "wishes" today?

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