Thursday, October 13, 2011

Well, there's that

"Sometimes you eat the bear and....well....sometimes he eats you"
- The Stranger, The Big Lebowski

Tonight, the Bear got to dine buffet style. By the time I rolled into my parents door I was absolutely dead. I'm staying out here again tonight so I can be at the house while they have repairmen here.

Pro: Big screen in the big living room to run my workouts on Apple TV.
Con: I'm sharing the space with my parents and their two dogs

I was all set to scrap the workout (putting myself in the red as far as my Wish this week) in favor of the treadmill. I walked in the door and put on my running shoes when I heard the familiar sound of my mom doing the same. I immediately knew I had two options: (1) wait for her to be done and jump on the treadmill (with the risk that once my butt hit the couch I'd probably never get up), and (2) take advantage of no one being upstairs and get my Insanity® on.  I chose option number 2.

Oh Shaun T, you are an evil evil man. "I'm smiling cus I love it"? No, I'm smiling because gritting my cheeks that way lessens the intense discomfort in my side/legs/feet thankyouverymuch. During the warmup I got a disgusting cramp in my left side that just would not go away. I have a feeling it was related to the tasty morsels I'd been munching on at a catering tasting. Regardless, it was not pretty.
Most certainly NOT what I looked like
post-workout but I was too tired to take a picture
I'm going to take the Glass half full option and say "Hey, at least I did it."I started the day believing I probably wouldn't get my workout in and instead I get to put a big satisfying X through workout 16.
Maybe I'm not bear food after all?
I'm sure the Stranger was picturing a much scarier bear

How do you bounce back from "ugh" workouts? 

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