Monday, October 17, 2011

"Is this a....what day is this?"

I would've bet you a million dollars around lunch-time that it was not Monday. Well, not a million, but a solid $50 (which in law/grad school world is a million). It's felt like Tuesday all day long, which is a plus if you consider I basically skilled Monday, but it will definitely be a minus when I realize that there will be 5 full days in this very full week.

Part of it may be that my routine is a little off. Wow, I started writing about how my schedule was off - got 4 or 5 solid lines down too - until I finally realized, wait, my schedule isn't off! That's exactly the kind of day it feels like I'm having. Twilight zone.

Anyway, up on Today's schedule was the Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I have mixed feelings about this particular workout. On the one hand, it feels like it works all of the muscle groups (as in I never get quite too sore in my butt/legs to NOT do the next move, i.e. Plyo Cardio Resistance). At the same time, I still feel too weak for the plank work at the end to really get much out of it. Nonetheless, I powered through and managed to eek out a workout.

I was a bit surprised at how low my hear rate was throughout the workout. Usually I'm up in the 170's for a good portion of the workout - not true today. Somehow I just couldn't get going. Add to that the fact that I started getting a little woozy and I think the 'ugh' feelings from later last week are officially 'blah - sicko' feelings. I made sure to refuel and hydrate really well in an effort to say "thank you body, you're the best!"

Speaking of fuel, I made my homemade Oatmeal this morning and I had one thought: why haven't I been doing this all along?! Sure, buying all of the ingredients in advance is a bit of a pain, but I now have 13 individual oatmeals ready to go. I'm going to play a bit with the recipe and I'll post. 

For now - rest, rest, and fluids! I had this grand ambition of going "medication-less" this week but it seems like that may not work out. I'm taking the alka-seltzer cold/flu tablets; seemed like a less invasive way to medicate.

How do you cope with being under the weather? Any secret tips for quick recovery? 

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