Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

Today was just plain good.

I've been trying to "plan ahead" as far as my workouts and eating goes, in an attempt to feel more secure about both. Sometimes the 'plan' part means simply knowing that I can't plan for it and that there's are both 'best' and 'worse' case scenarios. Last night I made the coffee, set out my morning work, and put the workout stuff in it's spot. I'd planned my morning around getting a gentle wake-up, getting good fuel and proper digestion time, and getting my workout in comfortably before leaving for class at 1.

I'm happy to report, it was a great success!

Today's workout was Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. If this sounds like Dejavu, well, it's because you're paying attention. I slipped Pure Cardio in on Sunday (I think?) because I had skipped it. I'm glad I got a double dose. I love this work out. It makes me feel light and agile.  It makes me feel fast. These are both attributes nature simply forgot to give me. As both a swimmer and a volleyball player I never had either and coach after coach struggled to teach it. For today, at least, I had a little bit of 'fast' in me.

I love how Insanity® has made cross-training a realistic part of my workouts. I've cross-trained in the past, but it always seemed kind of mindless. I would go to spin class, or Body Pump, or just go through my weights circuit. There was no regularity to what I was doing. While my training had a point, my cross-training really didn't. I think my goal of working these exhausting workouts into my future training program is more than realistic - I also think it will help make me a better runner!

Wednesday Wish-List

This week is a two-parter, and the first one is totally a vanity thing. My "Wish" this week is for pushups. Real, manly, serious-style push-ups. I've gotten better, but this week I'm going for it.
Wish: Complete Level 1 Drills (i.e. at least 3 sets of 8 real pushups)

Second wish is one I need your help with! I'm in the market for a nice, light-weight, wind-rain jacket to train in. I'm in love with the Colombia Women's Peak Power jacket but I need YOUR suggestions for some other great wind/cold jackets!
This awesome jacket might even
put a dent in Santa's wallet
Also my Active Bands came today. I'm so excited to try them out but I can't decide which one to wear first!
I'm kind of partial to the pink giraffe one
What do you do for cross-training? How do you keep it interesting? Got any winter gear "must haves"?

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  1. I have a suguoi jacket that has magnet sleeves that are removal. it is awesome. Thanks for following my blog, I'm glad I found yours!